Customs at Arrival

There are two channels for customs clearance. Passengers not having any dutiable items can preceed to the Green Channel. Passengers having gold or gold ornaments not more than 50 gms, and silver ornaments not more than 5oo gms, used linen, one camera, one pair of binoculars, one movie/video camera, one radio, one tape recorder, 15 tape cassettes, 10 disc records, 15 rolls of photo films, 10 rolls of movie camera films, one tricycle, one perambulator, one wristwatch, necessary medicines and ordinary packed food worth not more than NRs 10,000 and fresh fruit worth not more than NRs 1,000 may use Green Channel. If a passenger is in doubt about dutiable or non dutiable items, he/she can proceed to the Red Channel. Passengers should declare foreign currency if they have more than US$ 2,000 or its equivalent in any convertible currency.