The passenger copy of a travel ticket is your proof of payment, and will be accepted by official organizations as proof that you were on a flight.

Not every airport or airline has the same check-in times. Check-in times for domestic, intercontinental destinations can differ greatly. Some airlines often require passengers to report to the airport earlier in connection with stricter security measures. Particularly during the holidays and summer vacations, passengers should leave plenty of time, since lines at check-in and immigration can be very long. Please ask your travel agent or NAC office about the recommended check-in times.

You are advised to check with the consulate and at airport at least 2 hours before departure; make sure you state your nationality. In general, you and your family should hold valid passports, and in some cases you will need a visa. Most of the consulate offices in Nepal are located in Kathmandu.

We refer you to the Luggage Facilities page on our site. Items that certainly should not be in your luggage are listed inside the cover of your ticket. Please keep in mind that the items listed are absolutely prohibited by international law, and that you could be risking a significant fine or sent to prison if prohibited items are found in your luggage. These fines are imposed by the local authorities. Airlines have no influence on such matters. Normally money and valuables are not suggested to put inside the check in baggage due to possible pilferage at few airports which handing the baggage.

In general, taking a pet along is not a problem. However, you do need to state your intention to bring along your pet when reserving your flight. More information is available from your travel agent or from NAC Cargo offices. Pets are subject to excess luggage rates. Check with your veterinarian beforehand to make sure it is a good idea to travel with your pet. However, this service is not available in flight operating by Airbus A320.

Lost luggage should be reported immediately at the airport upon arrival. They will contact the passenger when the luggage has been located. Any damage should also be reported immediately. Requests for financial compensation for costs incurred as a result of lost or damaged luggage can be submitted to NAC Customer services Department Relations. If you have a travel insurance policy, you can submit your claim to your insurance company along with the report form you received from NAC.

Under the law governing personal registration, NAC is not permitted to release such information.