Careers || Nepal Airlines Corporation
S N Title Download
1Request for Application from B1 andB2 Category Aircraft Maintenance Engineer of Airbus A330-200 on contract basis Download (191.79kB )
2खूल्ला प्रतियोगिता सम्बन्धी बिज्ञापन Download (125.39kB )
3कार्य क्षमता मूल्याङ्कनद्वारा हुने बढुवा सम्बन्धी Download (36.51kB )
4आन्तरिक प्रतियोगितात्मक परीक्षाद्वारा हुने बढुवा सम्बन्धी सूचना Download (53.04kB )
5Application Form for file promotion and internal competition Download (3.39MB )
6Request for Application from Pilots of Airbus A330 A320 on contract basis Download (47.93kB )