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S N Title Download
1List of Rotables and Tools Download (65.64kB )
2List of Consumables Download (2.15MB )
3PassengerSaudi Download (112.86kB )
4CargoSaudi Download (284.07kB )
5Passengerchina Download (118.51kB )
6CargoChina Download (284.15kB )
7passengeruae Download (112.86kB )
8indiacargo Download (284.07kB )
9indiapassenger Download (112.84kB )
10download1 Download (112.86kB )
11download2 Download (284.07kB )
12Questionnaire Download (534.38kB )
13Custom Declaration Download (414.19kB )
14Health Card Download (131.48kB )
15Finance Bye rule 2065 as of Magh 2076 Download (655.39kB )
16Employee Service Rule Download (461.21kB )
17Application form for open competition Download (227.11kB )
18Online Booking Procedure for International Sector Download (735.16kB )
19Online Booking Procedure for Domestic Sector Download (295.60kB )
20सम्पत्ति विवरण फारम Download (344.36kB )