06 Apr, 2022

Operations Department
Nepal Airlines Corporation
06 APRIL, 2022

Section 1: NOTICE
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed proposals are invited by Nepal Airlines Corporation, flag carrier airline of Nepal, from FIVE STAR hotel for flight crew layover services in POKHARA, having below mentioned equipment’s/facilities.
a. Approximate Rooms Nights Requirements: per day 3-4 rooms)

  •    All single rooms
  •    Numbers of Rooms are subject to change, if Aircraft (equipment) change.

b. Duration of Agreement (2 years)
       i. Starting Date May 01,2022
      ii. Ending Date April 30, 2024
     iii. The contract period can be extended for a further period of one year on the same rates, terms and conditions, if mutually agreed.
c. Check-in/ Check-out Timings
    A Check-in/Check-out Window is required that allows Count of Room Night actually starts at the time NAC crew Checks-in. However, this time of arrival and departure is subject to change as per flight schedule.

Tentative Check-in Time: approx. 19:00 Local Time
Tentative Check-out Time: approx. 07:00 Local Time
Time may change according to slot time.

d. Required Complimentary Services (To Be Included in Room Rent)
i. Buffet Breakfast OR Any One Buffet Meal Per person per Night
ii. Laundry/Dry Facility: Three pieces of Dress per person per rotation of flight stay.
iii. Internet/Wi-Fi facility IN ROOM
iv. Crew Transportation: Transportation from Hotel/Airport/Hotel for the crew. The Transportation for cockpit crew and cabin crew may be separate.

e. Preferred Hotel Equipment
(Conformance ensures higher score in hotel selection)
i. Smoke Detectors
ii. Sprinklers
iii. Fire Resistant Upholstery
iv. Temperature/Humidity Control (Individual Rooms)
v. Blackout Devices on windows
vi. Large Bedrooms
vii. Allocation on higher floors away from in-house clubs, etc with lowest noise level
viii. Fridge
ix. Coffee/Tea Maker

f. Other Preferred Facilities
(Conformance ensures higher score in hotel selection)
i. Crew should have an exclusive facility for expeditious Check-in/Check-out.
ii. Crew Lounge with TV and Microwave Oven
iii. Upgraded of room for cockpit crew with no Extra Charge.
iv. Complimentary Mineral Water (Two Large bottles a day)
v. Discounts on all food and beverages
vi. Discount on all Laundry and Dry Cleaning (other than Complimentary Laundry)
vii. Free entrance to health club, swimming pool, Sauna/Steam Room (Fitness room)
viii. To make available the services of Doctor at all material time. The hotel shall invoice NAC for medical charges so incurred.
ix. Tea & Coffee service to be made available in the room with no Service Charges
x. Complimentary Coupons to the crew for any additional service/facility.

g. Exit Clause
i. The agreement can be terminated with 30 days prior written notice by either party without assigning any reason.
ii. Unless both the parties have mutually agreed for an extension, the contract stands automatically
Terminated on its expiry date and no notice of termination will be required.

h. Amendment to the Agreement
The terms of Agreement can only be varied with the written consent of both parties.

i. Terms of Payment
Bills will be made monthly on actual occupancy basis by the Crew. Invoices would be submitted to Nepal
Airline's Station/ Finance Manager at POKHARA, and will be settled within 30 days from the date of receipt of the bills. The separate bills to be raised for room charges and disbursement of allowances, if any.

j. Force Majeure
Nepal Airlines will be exempt from obligations if prompt notification is given in the event of suspension of flights/operations to the station, change in Crew layover pattern, circumstances or causes beyond control of Nepal Airlines.

Section 3: Submission of Offers
Each Proposal must be contained in a sealed envelope and should be labeled “Crew Layover Service”.
Proposals must be received by Nepal Airlines Corporation, Head Office, Kantipath, Kathmandu or Pokhara Office during office time by 21st April, 2022. The proposal will be opened on next day at 1200 hrs Local Time in the Office of Director, Operations Department. If the next day falls Saturday or Corporate Holiday then the proposal will be opened next Office day. The successful proposer will be notified within a week after opening up of sealed proposals and they shall be required to comply with all local laws and regulations. The sealed proposal must be sent to the following address:
Nepal Airlines Corporation
Post Box 401
Operations Director
Operations Department
Kantipath, Kathmandu
Tel.: +977-1-4222268,
Fax: 977-1-4225348
Pokhara Station
Sundar Marg, Mustang Chowk.
Tel.: +977-61-455021, 455040

  • Nepal Airlines reserves the right to reject any tender in part or full after assigning a reason, however, NAC will not be required to justify the grounds of rejection.
  • Interested hotels that can provide these services should submit the proposal directly with NAC. NO SUBAGENTS will be entertained
  • NO proposal will be entertained after expiry of aforesaid date & time. NAC will not be responsible for postal delays or any other reason.
  • For any further query/clarification, following offices may be contacted.

Director Operations
Nepal Airlines Corporation Head Office
Kantipath, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977 – 1 – 4222268
Time zone GMT +5:45
Operations Department
Nepal Airlines Corporation
Tel: 977 – 1 – 4231727
Time zone GMT +5:45

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