Notices || Nepal Airlines Corporation
S N Title Published Date Download
1NOTICE OF INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) : Procurement ofSelf Propelled Potable Water Vehicle for Aircraft Servicing  (Potable Water Truck), Re-Tender09 Apr, 2019
2NOTICE OF INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB): Double Cab Pickup Van for Ramp Movement (Re-Tender)08 Apr, 2019
3Exam Schedule of Open Competition and Internal Competition05 Apr, 2019 Download (148.01kB )
4NOTICE OF INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) : Procurement of Aircraft Main Deck Container/Pallet Loader (AMDCPL)03 Apr, 2019
5सिलबन्दी दरभाउपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Engineering Maintenance Department को R&D Section को लागि Renovation & Addition कार्य गराउने31 Mar, 2019
6Re-Request for Application from  B1 and B2 Category Aircraft Maintenance Engineer of  Airbus A330-200 on contract basis25 Mar, 2019
7सिलबन्दी बोलपत्र आह्वान : सुर्खेतरोडस्थित भवन दुई बर्षको लागि भाडामा 22 Mar, 2019 Download (111.80kB )
8Revised International Schedule wef 01 April till 30 June 201911 Mar, 2019
9Request for Application from B1 andB2 Category Aircraft Maintenance Engineer of Airbus A330-200 on contract basis28 Feb, 2019 Download (191.79kB )
10Sealed Tender Notice for Providing Guarding Service on Service Contract28 Feb, 2019
11सिलबन्दी दरभाउपत्र आह्वान L R &D section को लागि renovation & Addition कार्य गराउन 27 Feb, 2019
12खूल्ला प्रतियोगिता सम्बन्धी बिज्ञापन22 Feb, 2019 Download (125.39kB )
13कार्य क्षमता मूल्याङ्कनद्वारा हुने बढुवा सम्बन्धी22 Feb, 2019 Download (36.51kB )
14आन्तरिक प्रतियोगितात्मक परीक्षाद्वारा हुने बढुवा सम्बन्धी सूचना22 Feb, 2019 Download (53.04kB )
15Re-Invitation for Sealed Quotation of Freight Forwarder22 Feb, 2019 Download (427.89kB )
16Application Form for file promotion and internal competition22 Feb, 2019 Download (3.39MB )
18सिलबन्दी दरभाउपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Prefab shed for Ground Support Department21 Jan, 2019
19Laptop & I-Pad   सम्बन्धी भूलसुधार17 Jan, 2019
20सेडान कार खरिद गर्नका लागि बोलपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना15 Jan, 2019