Notices || Nepal Airlines Corporation
S N Title Published Date Download
1बोलपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Fluorescent Ramp Jacket & Raincoat22 Jun, 2018
2Request for Proposal for the Maintenance support services of Trent 772B engines19 Jun, 2018 Download (427.77kB )
3Request for Sealed Quotation for Pilot Recruiting Companies18 Jun, 2018 Download (372.40kB )
4दरभाउपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Furniture & Fixtures18 Jun, 2018
5Request for sealed quotation on ATPL Training Program05 Jun, 2018 Download (496.04kB )
6Notice for catering agreement in RUH/ICN/KIX27 May, 2018
7पुनः बोलपत्र आव्हानको सूचना : निगमको उड्डयन सेवामा प्रयोग हुने Blanket & Pillow खरिद सम्बन्धि 27 May, 2018
8बोलपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Single Cab Pick-up25 May, 2018
9दरभाउपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Manual Baggage Tag22 May, 2018
10Shangri-La, In-flight Magazine प्रकाशन सम्बन्धी सिलबन्दी बोलपत्र आह्वान22 May, 2018 Download (79.98kB )
11Furnitures & Fixtures ​ सम्बन्धी सिलबन्दी दरभाउपत्र आव्हानको सूचना16 May, 2018
12Tender Notice for the Maintenance with Lease Engine Support of NAC’s V2527E-A5 Engines11 May, 2018 Download (231.52kB )
13सिलबन्दी बोलपत्र आव्हान: Supply, Delivery and Installation of Servers & Accessories11 May, 2018
14Request For Proposal (RFP) NOTICE for the Full Appraisal of B757-200-ACB Aircraft and Spare Parts \Tools08 May, 2018
15सिलबन्दी दरभाउपत्र आह्वान : आल्मुनियम पार्टिसन तथा अन्य सिभिल कार्य08 May, 2018
16Notice for RFP for Implemantation of NFRS in NAC04 May, 2018
17INVITATION FOR BIDS : “Procurement of Ground Power Unit for Aircraft Electrical System”29 Apr, 2018
18बोलपत्र आव्हानको सूचना : Fluorescent Ramp Jacket & Raincoat 28 Apr, 2018
19Request for Application from Individuals for post of A330- Type Rated Check Cabin Crew on Contractual Basis28 Apr, 2018 Download (192.46kB )
20बोलपत्र स्वीकृत गर्ने आशयको सूचना : Chinaware Sets24 Apr, 2018