|| Nepal Airlines Corporation
Progress on acquiring two A330-200 wide body aircrafts

09 Apr, 2017

Highlights of Progress on acquiring two A330-200 wide body aircrafts  by

Nepal Airlines Corporation


  • Tender Issued on 24th September, 2017 deadline 45 days from issued date.


  • Total Bids received from 11 companies.


  • Selected bid by AAR Corp in consortium with German Aviation Capital Corporation (GACC) and Hi Fly Airlines.


  • MOU signed on 27th January, 2017.
  • Purchase Agreement  signed on 17th March, 2017.


  • Sales and Purchase Agreement work in progress.
  • Preliminary Manufacturer's Serial Number assigned  by Airbus for two A330-200 are #1845 and #1854 respectively.
  • A330-200 Wide Body Purchase Agreement Signed on 7th April 2017.