Syllabus || Nepal Airlines Corporation
S N Title Download
1Syllabus Open (Adv. No. 11.074.75) Sr.Technician, Electric, Electronics Download (258.00kB )
2Syllabus for Computer practical examination for the post of Sr. Assistant & Assistant Download (66.29kB )
3Syllabus for the Computer practical examination for the post of Sr. Account Assistant and Account Assistant Download (66.73kB )
4Syllabus Open (Adv. No. 08.074.75) Sr. Assistant. Download (36.11kB )
5Syllabus Open (Adv. No. 09.074.75) Sr. Account Asistant Download (31.96kB )
6Syllabus Open (Adv. No. 14.074.75 & 15.074.75) Assistant and Account Assistant. Download (31.31kB )
7Syllabus Open (Adv. No.07.074.75) Account Officer Download (91.56kB )
8Syllabus Open (Adv.No. 06.074.75) Officer. Download (44.38kB )
9Syllabus of written exam, Open (Adv.No.05.074.75) Sr. Co-pilot Download (107.36kB )
10Syllabus Open ( Adv.No.16.074.75 ) Ground Equipment Operator. Download (75.14kB )
11Syllabus Open (Adv. No. 12.074.75)Sr. Technician Download (144.60kB )
12Syllabus Open (Adv. No. 13.74.75) Sr. IT Technician Download (96.39kB )
13Syllabus Open (Adv.No. 02.074.75) Sr. Technical Officer Download (130.06kB )
14Syllabus Open (Adv.No. 03.074.75) Sr. Technical Officer Download (159.55kB )
15Syllabus Open (Adv.No.04.074.75) Sr.Technical Officer (Electrical) Download (250.71kB )
16Syllabus OPen (Adv.No.10.074.75) Sr. Technician Download (31.60kB )
17Syllabus of Written Examination for Airhostess and Steward Download (28.46kB )