Syllabus || Nepal Airlines Corporation
S N Title Download
1Syllabus for written examination for the post of Jr. Co-pilot Download (194.81kB )
2Syllabus of Personality Test for Airhostess and Steward Download (19.94kB )
3Syllabus of Written Examination for Airhostess and Steward Download (28.46kB )
4Revised Syllabus Open (Avd. No. 15.073.74) Technicain (General,Tools) Download (87.06kB )
5Revised Syllabus Open(Adv No. 06 and 07.073.74)Senior Technical Officer(Avionics) Download (132.46kB )
6Revised Syllabus Internal - Senior Technical Officer (A&C), Grade 7 Download (124.76kB )
7Revised Syllabus Internal - Senior Technical Officer (Avionics) Grade 7 Download (129.29kB )
8Revised Syllabus Internal - Superintendent Engineer Grade 9 Download (99.13kB )
9Revised Syllabus Internal- Sr. GEO and Sr.GEO cum service Mechanics Grade 5 Download (63.67kB )
10Revised Syllabus Open (Adv.No. 08.73.74) Sr. Technician (A & C) Grade 5 Download (30.80kB )
11Revised Syllabus Open (Adv.No. 12.073.74) Ground Equipment Operator Grade 4 Download (209.77kB )
12Revised Syllabus Open (Avd. No. 04.073.74) Senior Technical Officer (Automobile Mechanical) Download (93.17kB )
13Revised Syllabus Open (Avd. No. 13.073.74) Technicain (Painter) Download (86.32kB )
14Revised Syllabus Open(Adv no. 05.073.74)Senior Technical Officer(Airframe & Engine) Download (93.76kB )
15Revised Syllabus (Adv .No. 09.73.74) Senior Technician (Avionics) Grade 5 Download (30.16kB )
16Revised Syllabus Open (Adv. No.10.73.74) Junior Flight Dispatcher Grade 5 Download (60.90kB )
17Computer Practical Syllabus (Senior Assistant and Assistant) Download (66.29kB )
18Computer Practical Syllabus (Senior Accounts Assistant and Accounts Assistant) Download (66.73kB )
19Syllabus Open (Adv No. 20.073.74 and 21.073.74) Assistant and Account Assistant Download (30.91kB )
20Syllabus Open (Adv. No. 17.073.74) Account Officer Download (42.50kB )