Careers || Nepal Airlines Corporation
S N Title Download
1Schedule of Interview and Aptitide Test for Open Competition Download (61.51kB )
2आन्तरीक प्रतियोगीतात्मक परिक्षाको अन्तरवार्ता सम्बन्धी सूचना Download (175.09kB )
3Request for Application from Pilots of Airbus A330 on contract basis Download (198.26kB )
4vacancy announcement Osaka Station - Office Secretary cum Security Manager Download (199.86kB )
5Request for Application from Pilots of Y-12 E Aircraft on contract basis Download (281.25kB )
7Request for Application from Pilots of Airbus A330 on contract basis Download (198.79kB )
8Request for Application from B1 and B2 Category Aircraft Maintenance Engineer of Airbus A330-200 on contract basis Download (40.58kB )
9Vacancy Announement -Nepal Airlines Corporation-HKG Download (220.10kB )
10सम्मानित सर्वोच्चअदालतबाट जारी अन्तरिम आदेश अनूसार रिट नं. ०७५-WO-०८८१ को निवेदक कर्मचारीहरुलाई फारम भर्ने म्याद सम्बन्धि सुचना Download (67.19kB )
11बिज्ञापन नं १०-०७५-७६ , पद अधिकृत र बिज्ञापन नं ११-०७५-७६ , पद लेखा अधिकृतको परिक्षा कार्यक्रम परिवर्तन भएको सम्बन्धी सूचना Download (136.37kB )
12List of Eligible Candidates to appear in Internal Examination Download (73.66kB )
13Request for Application from B1 and B2 Category AME of Airbus A330-200 on Contract Basis Download (190.39kB )
14Exam Center of Open Competition Download (207.82kB )
15List of Applicant, Account Assistant Adv no 20-075-76 Download (38.67kB )
16List of Applicant, Account Officer Adv. no. 11-075-76 Download (48.36kB )
17List of Applicant, Assistant Adv no 19-075-76 Download (608.94kB )
18List of Applicant, Automobile Engineer Adv no 09-075-76 Download (59.90kB )
19List of Applicant, Civil Engineer Adv no 08-075-76 Download (225.08kB )
20List of Applicant, Civil Overseer Adv no 18-075-76 Download (219.62kB )